New Year, New (Vintage) Palette

A fresh year in my studio means new things to try. New materials to use. And new colors with which to play.

Early last year, I cleaned out my half of our tiny crawl space attic and found a piece of fabric from drapes that my mom had made back in the 1950s. It had sat in the sewing room/spare bedroom for six months before it dawned on me to start researching the colors of the ‘mid-century’. And what a fun thing it was to do!

Not only were the colors just so cool, but the patterns and designs were such fun to discover. George Jetson quickly comes to mind.

Thanks to Pinterest, one can quickly do a visual search nowadays. It took me no time to get several samples of color palettes of the 1950s. Some were for fashion, some for furnishings, and others were paint samples.


1950s color palette samples.

So after a couple of weeks of color mixing, here are this year’s choices! It is going to be such a fun year!


Polymer clay palette 2017.