Photos on an Overcast Day

This week, my goal is to work diligently to get twenty items posted on my shop page on I have a studio light box set-up which is ideal for taking photos of my paper bowls, polymer clay platters, and just basically any 3-D work that I make. But for jewelry, outside light can’t be outdone. At least for this amateur.

So this is my ‘sophisticated’ equipment for outside jewelry pics!Image

It’s right outside my studio! If only it weren’t such a cloudy day!Image

And here is a ‘rough-cut’ preview of some items that I will be selling. ImageImageImage

‘Down Time’ after a Show – NOT!

I was in a big outdoor art show a couple of weeks ago. My work has been changing, and I was uncertain how it all would be received, Boy, was I surprised!! Most of my new work with obvious style changes sold. And that means instead of some ‘down time’ after the show, I have been at full steam, so to speak, trying to build inventory.Image. Not to mention there are special orders to be filled. But hey, who’s complaining!!